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Facilitating sustainable, long-term enhancement of learning and teaching in WA universities.

WAND Small Grants Scheme 2016

The West Australian Network for Dissemination (WAND) Small Grants are for small innovative projects in learning and teaching which can be embedded at the host institution and be disseminated beyond the host institution, as described in the attached Flyer and updated Conditions of Grant

WAND is pleased to announce the recipients of funding in the 2016 WAND Small Grants Scheme, one from each university in Western Australia:

  • Curtin University: Mr Lionel Skinner and Associate Professor Steve McKenna for the project: The impact of an online game on learning and teaching pedagogy on student engagement and learning outcomes

  • Edith Cowan University: Ms Tania Visosevic and Ms Amanda Myers for the project: "How to" create a Video Essay: Assignment of the Future!

  • Murdoch University: Dr Lisa Cary and Mr Mike Bryant (Co-Leads), Ms Denyse MacNish and Discipline Champions for the project: Leading The Way: developing an advanced programme for leadership in learning and teaching scholarship

  • The University of Notre Dame Australia: Professor Carole Steketee, Associate Professor Lisa Goldacre, Mr Ryan Bennetts, Mrs Helen Rogers and Dr Ainslie Robinson for the project: Creating a 'generic language' shell to enable use of PrudentiaTM curriculum mapping software across discipline

  • The University of Western Australia: Mr Michael Ovens, Professor Andrew Lynch, Professor Erik Champion*, and Dr Susan Morris* for the project: Experiential Learning on the HTC Vive Virtual Reality Platform  (*Curtin University)

The outcomes of projects funded by the WAND Small Grants Scheme will be shared with the higher education community at events such as the WAND Sharing Day on 10 November 2016 and the 2017 Teaching and Learning Forum on 2 and 3 February 2017. Please see the Events tab of this website for more details.