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Facilitating sustainable, long-term enhancement of learning and teaching in WA universities.

FLIPCurric: WA Launch and Workshop

Assuring the quality of achievement standards and their valid assessment in Australian Higher Education

Murdoch University is pleased to host OLT National Senior Teaching Fellowship FLIPCurric WA launch and workshop. 

This workshop is specifically designed for teams who are either reviewing a higher education learning program or developing a new one. At the workshop Emeritus Professor Geoff Scott will summarise the findings from his work with 3700 Learning and Teaching Leaders who have co-created the online FLIPCurric tool during his National Senior Teaching Fellowship 

At the workshop we will identify how the many key tips and practical resources shared by the Fellowship participants might best be used to make the program development, review and support process as efficient and productive as possible. We will also survey the successful strategies and resources on effective change leadership and implementation and how to engage others with this work.

Particular focus will also be given to:

  • The most productive ways identified by the Fellowship participants on how to ensure that the program level outcomes and the capabilities and competencies we develop in our graduates enable them to be not only work ready for today but work ready plus for tomorrow.
  • The key tests for ‘powerful assessment’ and the many examples of the types of powerful assessment that are brought together on the site.

The Presenter: Emeritus Professor Geoff Scott

Dr Geoff Scott is Emeritus Professor of Higher Education and Sustainability at Western Sydney University, Australia. From 2004-12 he was Pro Vice-Chancellor (Quality) and Executive Director of Sustainability at UWS. During this time he led a range of successful external quality audits and established RCE-GWS. He is a widely published author on change leadership, professional capability, assuring achievement standards and quality assurance in higher education. He is a former director of the Australian Council for Educational Research, a Fellow of the Australian College of Education, a member of TEQSA’s Panel of Experts and a higher education auditor and consultant in many countries. From 2014-16 he was a National Senior Teaching Fellow with Australia’s Office for Learning and Teaching. In 2007, he was the Recipient of the Australian Higher Education Quality Award.

For more information please contact Denyse MacNish [email protected] or Natalie Davis [email protected] in The Centre for Univesity Teaching and Learning.