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OLT 2015 Programme Information and Instructions Available

The OLT announced the release of the 2015 Information and Application instructions for the following programmes;

• Innovation and Development Grants
• Seed Grants 
• Fellowships

Programme Information and Application instructions can be found on the OLT website.
As previously advised, the 2015 instructions are distinct from previous instructions in three main areas:
• Impact:  is a focus for the OLT. Applications will need to address project impact in a more explicit and systematic way.
• Reporting: has been streamlined and reduced with new formats that will support project impact.
• Priority areas: have been updated to reflect current and emerging priorities. As a result, some issues previously considered priority have now been removed, and new priorities have been identified and included.

Please note that enhancements to the future administration of OLT programmes relating to impact and reporting will also apply to existing OLT grant and fellowship holders. The OLT will be in touch with you and directly with grant holders and fellows over the coming month to provide details of timing and transition.

Understanding the enhancements
More detailed information on the 2015 instructions, impact and revised reporting arrangements is attached. The attachment contains links to relevant pages on the OLT website where information is also provided.