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Facilitating sustainable, long-term enhancement of learning and teaching in WA universities.

Teaching and learning uncapped

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Thursday 29 January 2015

8.15-8.45 Registration
8.45-10.25 Plenary Session, Theatre: Chair - Professor Denise Chalmers, Director, Centre for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning, University of Western Australia
Forum opening: Professor Alec Cameron, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education), University of Western Australia
Welcome to Country: Ingrid Cumming, CEO Kart Koort Wiern
Keynote address: Associate Professor Brett Freudenberg: Show me the evidence: How the scholarship of learning and teaching is critical for modern academics
10.30-10.55 Morning tea
session 1
Theatre Case Study
Room 3
Banquet Hall
Room 1
Room 2
Formal Dining
11.00-11.25 Mark Bailye
Uncapped journey: Using data and the student voice to inform and inspire change
Jan Baldwin
Ethnography: Stepping into the field of anthropology and sociology
Julianne Crowley
Formative testing online: Will students use them, what will they use most, and do they help their success?
Carole Steketee
Prudentia©: An outcomes-based curriculum mapping system *
55 minute Workshop
Christine Ewan

Unbundling higher education: Implications for assurance of higher education standards
Peter Allen, L. Roberts & F. Baughman
StatHand: A mobile application supporting students' statistical decision making
55 minute Workshop
Karen Miller, Michele Gradisen & Jenny Lee

What's your Aura? Using augmented reality to create engaging learning activities for students
11.30-11.55 Joanne Lisciandro & Gael Gibbs
OnTrack to university: Student retention in a pre-university enabling program
Michael Sturma & James Trotter
Capstones uncapped
Marinella Caruso, Anna Gadd & Simon Tebbit
Teaching how to listen: The integration of online quizzes in first year units of Italian
Sharon MacLean
Effective teaching in simulation: Culturally and linguistically diverse student's perceptions
Geoff Coates
Practical sampling exercises for learning statistical concepts
12.00-12.25 Chris Creagh, Lynne Roberts & Dawn Bennett
Could the question 'What am I doing here?' influence engagement and grades
Simon Order
'ICreate': Preliminary usability testing of apps for the music technology classroom *
Catherine Ferguson
A blend of blended and team based learning *
Arpana Dhar, Georgina Fyfe, D. Treagust & R. Koul
Transformation through co-teaching first year health science students
55 minute Workshop
Callan Rose & Astrid Davine

Preparing a MOOC: An induction workshop
R. Nazim Khan
Flipped and peer learning in a first-year statistics class: Taking it to another level
55 minute Workshop
Coral Pepper & Sue Bolt

Recognising and valuing the leadership role of unit coordinators
12.30-12.55 Raphael Pereira & Peter Allen
A three-year evaluation of UniPASS: A peer-led academic support program at Curtin
Jen Perry
Beneath the surface: Evaluating student perceptions of soft skills developed in a German theatre course
Janice Redmond & Matt McGinniss
An analysis of the blended learning approach to the teaching of management
Katie Sutton
Integrated pharmacology in an undergraduate nursing curriculum: Students' perceptions of readiness
Alice Niemeyer & Elena Pasternak
Empowering young engineers through the nexus of fundamentals in mathematics
HERDSA WA Annual General Meeting
session 2
Theatre Case Study
Room 3
Banquet Hall
Room 1
Room 2
Formal Dining
2.00-2.25 Aaron Matthews, Rachna Aggarwal, K. Flintoff & M. Turnbull
Indigenous perspectives on integrating learning technologies*
Joy Higgs
Transcending pedagogies: An innovative model for a globally competitive market
Jill Downie, Tania Broadley, Susan Bolt & Coral Pepper
Professional learning designed to promote teaching excellence
Shannon Johnston & Wade Jarvis
Outcomes from an approach designed for the needs of non-standard students
Andrew Cotterell, Genevieve Hodge & Linley Lord
The case for face to face: Finding balance in an uncapped world?
Fiona Burrows
Study skills in 30 seconds? STUDYSmarter's '30-Second Academy' and online video resources
Eunice Liu
Ethics from an entrepreneurial leadership perspective: A challenge for business education
2.30-2.55 Josh Reynolds & Grant Revell
Indigenous ways of knowing: The iDEO LOCI 1+2 Project
Danny Toohey
Academic job satisfaction and transnational education
Ainslie Robinson
Tertiary teacher education online: Teaching with the tools with which we are teaching
Reva Ramiah, Donna Butorac & Lisa O'Sullivan
Taking English language development from policy to practice
Donella Caspersz & Doina Olaru
How to develop social entrepreneurs in higher education? A cross-country comparison
Alison Kirkman
Handwritten lecture notes: Not so outdated
Niki Hynes
Simulations in online and face to face learning: Student expectations and experiences
3.00-3.25 Rose Carnes
Critical Indigenous pedagogy meets transformative education in third space learning experience *
Cheryl Lange
LACEing together the social and the academic
Astrid Davine & Tracy Frayne
Usable e-learning: Using feedback during the development of flexible learning options for staff
Rashmi Watson
Appreciative inquiry as a process to activate leadership in teaching
Megan Paull, Kirsten Holmes, Rowena Scott, J. MacCallum et al
Volunteering to learn in universities: Some stories from the field
Michael Stein
Gauging 'drop-ins' as an alternative to individual appointments: An advisor's perspective
Wade Jarvis
What Apple knows about the new economy: Exploring services science and branding impacts on students
3.30-3.55 Afternoon tea
session 3
Theatre Case Study
Room 3
Banquet Hall
Room 1
Room 2
Formal Dining
4.00-4.25 Gabrielle M. Walker
Why wasn't I told? The liminal experience of Australian shared history of non-Indigenous educators
Reva Ramiah, Rekha Khoul et al
Using digital technologies to teach research writing in science and engineering
Megan Ellyard, Phil Hancock, Nazim Khan, K. Offer, J. Sneddon, R. Watson & H. Wildy
The UWA Education Futures Vision
Susan Edgar
Preparing students for the workplace: Can mindfulness help?
Eunice Liu
Internship: Practicum interfaces with organisations
Dawn Bennett & Margaret Jollands
Employability in the spotlight: Are we talking the right language?
Bella Butler
Can you become strategic by learning from today's news? Student-centred assignments in strategy courses
4.30-4.55 Rachna Aggarwal, Aaron Matthews, S.L. Lim & N. Prisgrove
Blended learning: Digital stories a key to success
Megan Fitzgibbons, Roz Howard & Gina Sjepcevich
Integrated approaches to teaching research and digital literacy skills
Marinella Caruso & Josh Brown
Language Bonus as an incentive for second language study in schools and universities
Anna Bosco, Anna Fagence & Kristi Holloway
Learning and practice in nursing education: A case-based approach
Rosalind Blood
Learning face to face: Exploring the intercultural experiences of Australian exchange students
Shane Greive
Teaching evaluations: What else is being assessed?
Helen Fordham
Disembodied creativity: Moderating teacher expectations of marketing and public relations students
5.00-5.25 Carol Dowling & Julie Hoffman
The Indigenous Advancement Strategy at Curtin University
Genevieve Simpson
Analysing student perceptions and measures of learning in a Master's level peer review feedback process
Susan Bailey and Vicki Battistessa
Student wellbeing and experiential learning: It's not a science, it's an art
Kathryn Fitzgerald & Maeva Hall
Clinical placements with teaching clinics: Rural interprofessional paediatric assessment
Sally Male, Cara MacNish, Nazim Khan, D. Bennett et al
Gender inclusivity of engineering students' workplace learning
Murray Brennan
Graduate voices: Perceptions of assessment
5.30 Sundowner

Friday 30 January 2015

8.15-8.45 Registration
8.45-9.55 Plenary Session, Theatre: Chair - Professor Denise Chalmers, Director, Centre for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning, The University of Western Australia
Welcome to Day 2: Professor Gilly Salmon, Pro Vice Chancellor (Education Innovation)
Keynote Address: Professor Deborah Terry: The changing teaching and learning environment: Challenges and opportunities
session 4
Theatre Case Study
Room 3
Banquet Hall
Room 1
Room 2
Formal Dining
10.00-10.25 Sonia Ferns
Economic productivity and sustainability: Evidencing the impact of work integrated learning
Shannon Johnston & Callan Rose
Uncapping university teaching and learning: UWA's first MOOC implementation
Elaine Lopes & Elizabeth Sullivan
Exploring techniques to move students with writing immobilisation into action
David Playford, Greg Sweetman & Dianne Ritson
An innovative learning tool for anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology
Carmela de Maio, Kathryn Dixon & Shelley Yeo
Academic integrity: Lecturers' responses to student plagiarism
Denise Chalmers, Rick Cummings, Sue Stoney, B. Tucker et al
Case studies in embedding quality teaching criteria
55 minute Workshop
Caroline Baillie

Teaching people as individuals: A workshop for misshapen carrots
10.30-10.55 Ben Piggott & Paul Rycroft
Work integrated learning in developing graduate attributes and professional outcomes
Monty King
Harnessing the potential for massive open online learning in the developing world
Siri Barrett-Lennard
There's more to good writing than grammar: 15 tips in 15 minutes
Gabrielle Brand, Rosemary Saunders et al
Photographs, narrative and reflective learning resource for health professions
Clare Alderson & Catherine Lees
Turning a new leaf: Integrating Turnitin into a large first year Management unit
Susan Bolt & Lyn Marks
Promoting teaching excellence: Curtin Academy
11.00-11.25 Morning tea
session 5
Theatre Case Study
Room 3
Formal Dining
Room 1
Room 2
Banquet Hall
11.30-11.55 Christine Liveris
Effective feedback and self-regulated learning: An interpretation from a study of vocational business students
Hamadah Alsadoon & Elham Alsadoon
Using mobile phones for educational discussion purposes
Pamela Martin-Lynch, Helen Correia & C. Cunningham
Uncapping student potential: Re-thinking scaffolding and assessment of oral presentation skills
Michelle Quail, Janet Beilby, Peter Allen, S. Brundage & J. Spitalnick
Evaluation of Jim, the virtual empathy simulator
Sally Male, Phil Hancock, Cara MacNish, Jeremy Leggoe & Caroline Baillie
Intensive mode teaching models
Helen L. Davis & Karin Strehlow
Naïve vs mature views of the nature of science: Which ones do first year undergraduates hold?
Liesel Gentelli
The effect of industry professionals as undergraduate university teachers on student learning
12.00-12.25 Denise Jackson, Sonia Ferns, P. Struthers & D. McLaren
Working together to achieve improved work integrated learning
Diana Taylor, Jacqui Kelly & Judy Schrape
Supporting integration of Pen and Tablet PC technologies through a community of practice
Meg Rosse
What makes the 3MT talk special?
Abigail Lewis, C. Moore & Charn Nang
Using video of student-client interactions to engage students in reflection and review
Kristen Barker, Andrew Cotterell, L. Lord & A. Tayler
Anywhere, anytime, any device: That's the Curtin Challenge
Ravi P. Tiwari &Wayne G. Reeve
Integrating genomics from a research laboratory into an undergraduate teaching
Todd P. Robinson, Ahmed El-Mowafy & Bert Veenendaal
Industry-driven criteria development for Spatial Sciences
12.30-12.55 Sonia Ferns
Evidencing unpredictable student outcomes: Assessment in a work integrated learning context
Monty King & Matt McGinniss
Using YouTube analytics to improve audience retention in learning videos
Meriel Griffiths
An observational and collaborative learning approach to teaching oral presentation skills
Kimberley J. Roehrig & Wendy N. Erber
Shared access to computers promotes group interaction in an active learning classroom*
Romana Martin, Tania Broadley, H. Teras, K. Holloway & R. Chien
Expanding the reach of the classroom with distributed learning
Peter Arthur, Paul Attwood & M. Ludwig
Show me the numbers: Quantitative assessment of laboratory teaching and learning practices
Kent Turkich & Paul Cozens
Role of an experiential field trip in a first year unit in urban and regional planning
1.00-1.55 Lunch
session 6
Theatre Case Study
Room 3
Formal Dining
Room 1
Room 2
Banquet Hall
2.00-2.25 Peter P.F. Lee, Aik-Ling Tan & Yin-Hong Cheah
Forms of interaction and their impact on in-service science teachers
Katherine Bathgate & Kelly Prandl
Sessional team leadership: Enabling moderation and peer review in first year
Amalia Kusuma Wardini
Performance and value adding in Universitas Terbuka (Open University Indonesia)
Zaza Lyons
The Claassen Institute of Psychiatry for Medical Students: An innovative recruitment program
Sandeep Ahuja & David Castaldini
Examples from project based, collaborative learning in engineering programs in VET
Megan Fitzgibbons, S. Barrett-Lennard, G. Sjepcevich, R. Howard
Online Communication and Research Skills unit at UWA
Kate Offer
'Are you having a laugh?' Using humour as a teaching tool
2.30-2.55 Rekha Koul
Science teacher capacity building in developing countries: Three case studies
Natalie Skead & Mark Israel
Smart casual: Effective development programs for sessional staff in law
Jos Boys
Building better universities?
Hazel L. Richards & Jan Meyer
The real deal: Anatomy uncapped
Kent Turkich, Shane Greive & Paul Cozens
Project-based learning: An initiative to enliven a first year unit urban and regional planning
Steve Johnson, Sarah Veitch & Silvia Dewiyanti
A framework to embed the teaching and assessment of communication skills
Angela Ebert & Karin Strehlow
Lost in transformation: Finding a path through theory to practice of transformative learning
3.00-3.25 Caroline Mansfield, T. Broadley, S. Beltman & N. Weatherby-Fell
BRiTE: Building resilience in teacher education
Sally Knowles & Helen Flavell
Building teaching-focused academics: Unsettling identities in the new institutional order
Jill Downie and Linda Adnyana
Learning for tomorrow: Teaching, learning and the student experience
Zaza Lyons & Helen Wilcox
An introduction to Mindfulness for graduate medical students
Ranjna Kapoor, Dawn Bennett, R. Kaur & N. Maynard
Professional identity and classroom community among first year student engineers
Donella Caspersz & Ania Stasinska
Using open space to promote reflective listening
Emily Castell
Articulating critical thinking: Promoting this fundamental skill within our undergraduate psychology program?
3.30-3.45 Afternoon tea
3.50-4.15 Gretchen Geng, Jenny Buckworth et al
Development of an engagement framework for a first year teacher education program*
Cesar Ortega-Sanchez & Diana Taylor
The journey toward 21st Century teaching starts with one transformation at a time
Angus Morrison-Saunders
Writing about writing in higher education: Modelling good practices*
Sue Fyfe, Georgina Fyfe, Rakhshanda Naheed et al
Strategies for using the flipped learning model in large classes
Chantal Bourgault du Coudray, C. Oldham & S. Male
Experiences of an inter-faculty Wheatbelt service learning unit
Reva Ramiah & Lisa O'Sullivan
Evaluating student learning in an adjunct English language development program
4.20-4.45 Gregory S.C. Hine
Strengthening pre-service teachers' mathematical content knowledge*
Kate Quinn
An agile approach to ed-tech innovation: Developing Curtin Challenge
Antony Gray
Helping Honours and Masters students 'write early and write often'
Anneliese Wilson and Zach Clark
Innovative teaching and learning practices in physiotherapy education: Peer learning
Donella Caspersz, C. Baillie, C. Bourgault du Coudray et al.
Listening and the transformative potential of service-learning
Roselynn Lang, Geoffrey Shaw & Sophie Benson
The efficacy of compulsory Post-Entrance Language Assessment workshops
4.50-5.25 Forum evaluation, prize draws and invitation to the 25th TLF 2016 at Curtin University
* Refereed full paper available on TLF website

Please cite as: TL Forum (2015). Teaching and learning uncapped. Proceedings of the 24th Annual Teaching Learning Forum, 29-30 January 2015. Perth: The University of Western Australia.

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