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Facilitating sustainable, long-term enhancement of learning and teaching in WA universities.

WAND Sharing Day

The annual WAND Sharing Day is an opportunity for Project Leaders and teams to disseminate their learning and teaching project findings and resources.


9:30am - 12.00 noon (including morning tea)


What is this event and who is it for?

A forum for all staff in West Australian universities to:

  • discover what’s happening in national grants and fellowships in WA
  • disseminate the outcomes of current or completed grants or fellowships
  • network with colleagues interested in OLT grants or fellowships.


Recipients of current or completed grants and fellowships are warmly invited and strongly encouraged to present their work.  Projects in their first phase are welcome as the day provides an opportunity for early dissemination.


How will it work?

Grant and fellowship holders will provide a two-minute overview and answer questions on their grant or fellowship.  The presentation will be supported by a poster and handouts.

Parking is available at the Recreation Centre, right next to Hackett Hall.