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Facilitating sustainable, long-term enhancement of learning and teaching in WA universities.

Fostering authentic knowledge co-production partnerships

A scaffolded, design-thinking approach, 1.30-3.00pm

This workshop will take a scaffolded, design-thinking approach to initiating knowledge co-production partnerships among students, staff, alumni, industry and community. Participants will move through the ‘empathising’ and ‘defining’ phases of partnership ideation together, and may engage in early prototyping activities. The workshop is enriched if multiple stakeholders (academic and professional staff, alumni, industry) from an organisational area can attend.

The Presenter

Associate Professor Ruth Bridgstock is an Australian Office for Learning & Teaching National Senior Teaching Fellow for Graduate Employability 2.0, which is concerned with how students, teachers and universities can build and use authentic professional connections and social networks for innovation, career development, and learning. Ruth is passionate about building ‘future capable’ learners, teachers, and educational institutions. Her activities are all centered on the question of how universities can foster capabilities for productive participation in the 21st century knowledge economy and society.

Based in the Creative Industries Faculty at Queensland University of Technology, Ruth engages in research and scholarship into the changing world of work, capability needs, and approaches to learning in the digital age. She designs, develops and evaluates innovative curricula and teaching approaches for the development of these capabilities, and is also engaged in teacher capacity building and university transformation projects. She is co-author of Creative Work Beyond the Creative Industries: Innovation, Employment and Education (Edward Elgar, 2014), and Creative Graduate Pathways within and Beyond the Creative Industries (Routledge, 2016).

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Time: 1.30pm - 3.00pm. 

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For more information please contact Denyse MacNish [email protected] or Natalie Davis [email protected] in the Centre for University Teaching and Learning, or Jenni Parker [email protected] in the School of Education.

This event follows directly after the WAND Sharing Day. Participants are welcome to attend both. Please register for the WAND Sharing Day separately via the form on the WAND Website.