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2016 WAND Sharing Day Poster Presentations

2016 WAND Sharing Day Poster Presentations

The following recipients of current or completed grants and fellowships presented their work in a poster or video presentation on WAND Sharing Day, hosted by Murdoch University on 10 November 2016:

 Australian Government Office for Learning and Teaching (OLT) Funded Projects:

  1. Enhancing access, participation and progression in WIL (D. Peach , M. Campbell, K. Moore, T. Winchester-Seto, S. Ferns, J. Mackaway and L. Groundwater). Presented by Ms Sonia Ferns. Download
  2. Smart Casual Promoting Excellence in Sessional Teaching in Law (M. Heath, N. Skead, K. Galloway, A. Hewitt, M.Israel and A. Steel), presented by Dr Natalie Skead.   Download
  3. Student experiences of threshold capability development with Intensive Mode Teachingvideo presentation by Dr Sally Male.
  4. VetSet2Go: Building veterinary employability (L. King and M. Cake), presented by Assoc Prof Martin Cake. Download
  5. West Australian Network for Dissemination (WAND), presented by Ms Denyse MacNish and Ms Linda Lilly. Download
  6. WIL Industry Engagement, presented by Ms Sonia Ferns. Download

OLT Funded Fellowships:

  1. Graduate Employability 2.0, presented by Assoc Prof Ruth Bridgstock (2015 OLT National Senior Teaching Fellow). Download
  2. Making curriculum visible: Engaging students in learning outcomes and career relevance through a multi‚Äźdimensional, interactive map, presented by Assoc Prof Lisa Tee (2016 OLT National Teaching Fellow). Download
  3. Achieving economic sustainability for niche social profession courses in the Australian higher education sector - a nationwide collaborative strategy, presented by Assoc Prof Trudi Cooper (2016 OLT National Teaching Fellow). Download
  4. Teachers: Architects of the Learning Environment, presented by Dr Chris Creagh (2013 National Teaching Fellow). Download

West Australian Network for Dissemination (WAND) Small Grants Scheme Funded Projects:

  1. Creating a “generic language” shell to enable use of Prudentia™ curriculum mapping software across disciplines (C. Steketee, A. Robinson, L. Goldacre, H. Rogers and N. Arnold), presented by Dr Ainslie Robinson. Download
  2. Experiential Learning on the HTC Vive (A. Lynch, E. Champion, and M. Ovens), presented by Mr Michael Ovens. Part funded by UWA Centre for Education futures. Download
  3. Leading the Way: developing an advanced programme for leadership in learning and teaching scholarship, (M. Bryant, L. Cary and D. MacNish) presented by Dr Lisa Cary. Download
  4. Learning Through Gaming (L. Skinner & S. McKenna), presented by Mr. Lionel Skinner. Download
  5. VIDEO ESSAY Assignment of the Future, presented by Ms Tanja Visosevic & Ms Amanda Myers. Download